Client-focused team: We put a face to technology




 Michael Madigan
 Account Executive

Michael Madigan is an Account Executive with Coranet, responsible for developing and managing new accounts in Florida and national clients. 
Since joining Coranet in 2014, Mike has analyzed the business issues and needs of many clients and recommended new solutions that solve business needs and issues by leveraging technology. Building on Coranet’s strengths in cabling, infrastructure, wireless and telephony, Mike is helping us add value across a broad range of technologies.  This includes advancements in our national deployment and support practice as well as in IT Service Management (ITSM) and Information Technology Lifecycle Management (ITLM) .
“When I see the solutions we designed and executed in action in a client’s retail store or workspace,” says Madigan, “I know that I had a hand in helping to empower someone’s operation technologically.  Once we engage with our clients and they experience us, they’ll be customers for life.  I’ve never worked anywhere that has had such a consistent and steadfast track record of satisfied customers”
What do you like about working at Coranet?
“I love coming to work every day because we’re a very team-oriented environment internally.   I can see how that energy, vitality and drive trickle into the client’s environment.  We are really an extension of their team– you can’t fake that kind of thing.” 
What do you see for the future?
“Today we design, install and manage mission-critical systems.  Tomorrow, we will be at the forefront of each user’s front-end experience and be at every turn of operational efficiencies and effectiveness.”